Hotep is an ancient Kemet word for PEACE.

Hotep’s Adventures are to spread Hotep around the globe by building Familyhood’s.

Familyhoods are healthy, sustainable, communities.

#Familhood defines the school in any neighborhood as the nucleus for the communities development.

#Familyhood utilizes the generations connected to any school to promote and preserve the school.

#Familyhood consists of four programs/websites  to assist communities in their development towards #Familyhood.

They are:,,,

#Familyhood promotes two main motto’s:

1) “every school shall have a functioning student government association, parent teacher association and alumni association.”

2 )“every school shall have a garden, a farmers market and a grocery store.”

#1stSaturdays is the “do now” strategy to advance communities towards #Familyhood.

#1st Saturday’s defines every 1st Saturday of the month as “The Official Volunteer/Recruitment Day.”

#1stSaturdays seeks to increase the number of service days from one day a year, to one day a month at school sites – every 1st Saturday of the month.

We are currently reaching out to people/organizations to promote #Familyhood in their communities!

#Familyhood is a systematical approach of emphasizing a school will have three main, strong organizations at every school site- Student Government, Parent Teacher and Alumni.

Once these organizations are functioning, #Familyhood promotes the representatives of these organizations, along with community partners to collaborate. Like a body needs strong organs to function, every school needs these three organizations not only to function, but to collaborate to achieve #Familyhood.

#Familyhood believes
“Students must know their Alumni and see themselves as future Alumni. We must promote our Alumni Associations, more to inspire students to graduate and later join. We must promote our student leaders!This will inspire other students to become leaders!”

Every school has to have a strong Student Government Association. It teaches them hands on democracy.  How to meet. How to plan. How to have their voice heard. How to work together.  In the real world, these basic personal skills are monumental in ones development. They should learn them in school.

How does #Familyhood promote sustainability one may ask?

With a vision of “every school having a garden, a farmers market and grocery store,” #Familyhood adds these food related enterprises, i.e. garden, farmers market and grocery store to the legacy the school already possesses.

Upon graduation, students know the new role they will play as Alumni. They will return to their school each 1st Saturday of the month, as Alumni, to continue their participation in  the schools garden, farmers market and grocery store.

How does it start?

It starts with people like you to recommend/educate/get involved in advancing your community towards Familyhood.

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Contact the schools in your community!

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The Adventures of Hotep is a fictitious character created by David N. Roach