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David N. Roach has been on the mission of promoting local, sustainable, communities, through community development initiatives and making and promoting independent film since co-founding The Familyhood Connection Inc and The Oakland Film Society.
One of the their programs , Mo’ Better Food, started the food security movement¬† in West Oakland by connecting produce grown by African-American farmers to a farmer markets at McClymond’s High School in West Oakland, CA, directed by students in Mr. Roach’s Business Academy.
Around the same time, he produced the feature film ” The Sydney Byrd , Private Eye” with his brothers Paul and Mack. In the process of seeking a distributor or deal for “Sydney Byrd, Private Eye,” Mr. Roach took the typical independent filmmaker path of applying to a number of film festivals and hosting private screenings to showcase the film.

Sydney Byrd, Private Eye, was accepted into various film festival’s. The experience of showcasing “Sydney Byrd, Private Eye” in different film festival’s, led Mr. Roach to co-found, The Oakland Film Society, and a few years later, The Oakland International Film Festival. This coming April 2018 will mark the 16th Oakland International Film Festival.

Hotep is my super hero ego.
Each day I wake up, I give thanks by connecting to the peace within myself and I attempt to spread this peace globally through Hotep!

“The Adventures of Hotep” the fictitious character created by David N. Roach has been featured on billboard, bus shelters, magazines, postcards, T-shirts to promote #Familyhood.