I hope this note reaches you well…
On our journey towards #Familyhood, we have come across a few events to add to a few we will be presenting 2017/2018. These events fall in alignment of #Familyhood.
To begin, Civic Pride Inc, presents two events. The first is its annual Gala dinner on October 19th and its Leadership Conference on Oct 21st. As you know, #Familyhood promotes Student Government Associations at every school. Civic Pride Inc, has been bringing together youth leaders for over 20 years in Oakland, CA.

The mathematical formula is S.G.A + P.T.A + A.A. = #Familyhood. S.G.A. stands for Student Government Association. P.T.A. stands for Parent Teacher Association’s. A.A. stands for Alumni Associations. The collaboration of the schools S.G.A. + P.T.A + A.A. is the vision OF #FAMILYHOOD.
#1stSaturdays is the “do now” strategy to achieve it.
#1stSaturdays represents the first Saturday of every month as the official monthly volunteer/ recruitment day at schools. #Familyhood is driven by two motto’s: 1) The Friends of School motto which states: “every school shall have a functioning Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association, and Alumni Association.” 2) The Mo’ Better Food Motto: “which means: “every school shall have a garden, a farmers market and grocery store.”