• Book reading of "From The People Up" - written by David N. Roach

    David Roach, Author of "From The People Up" will read from of his E-Book "From The People Up" - followed by Q and A session from audience.

    About this event

    "From the People Up" - outlines a systemic approach of community development that utilizes schools and their extended population as the center of the communities development - Familyhood

  • From a Partner of Mo' Better Food - The Freedom Farmers Marketplace! Save the dates -

    FREEDOM FARMERS' MARKET - New Location     The Freedom Farmer's Market is in it's 8th year! The ma...
  • After the Familyhood talk- The Q & A - The Cat in the back!

    Familyhood is democracy hands-on training in the school  for four years as a student and  Alumn ( community engagement for the rest of ones life). If one were to graduate high school at 18. From the ages of 14 -18 they were Student Government. if they live to 100. They were 82 years Alumni.
  • The Pipeline of Governance From the People Up is Familyhood

    Familyhood defines the school as the center of the communities development. Familyhood is driven by two motto's. 1) Every school shall have a functioning Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association, Alumni Association and Friedns of the School.  2) Every school shall have a garden, a farmers market and a grocery store. Together, the schools Familyhood runs their garden, their farmers market and grocery store together.
  • Is Familyhod a systemic approach to developing community from the people up?

    Let me hear from you. The Topic #Familyhood & #1stSaturdays -the monthly volunteer / recruitment day at schools. Is #Familyhood a systemi...
  • Familyhood - A systemic approach of Governance and Community Development

    Familyhood - is systemic approach of governance and Community DevelopmentFamilyhood is defined by David N. Roach, as a community development vision...
  • Before violence, there was injustice. Before injustice, there was peace.

    Hotep said, " Before violence, there was injustice. Before injustice, there was peace", in May of 1992. It was just days after the Rodney King verd...
  • Familyhood is an inter-generational governance plan for community development

    Father and son have long roots in the community one day the son will follow.
    #famil;yhood is a inter-generational governance strategy to build neighborhoods from the residents up!
  • Peace in self, is where peace begins

    Hotep Means Peace! Peace in self, is where peace begins! In addition to all the other programs and non-profit organizations, schools all ready ha...
  • Hotep for President

    Hotep shares his campaign for President - Familyhood and its "do now" strategy. Familyhood defines schools as the center the communities development.
  • Create order in the chaos

    The pieces are there. Your vision is clear.Proceed...create your order in the chaos. Hotep!