After the Familyhood talk- The Q & A - The Cat in the back!

At this meeting...during the Q &A session of Familyhood, a cat in the back raises his hands. Before he gets a question out, he shares some things he knows about Familyhood.

He says," I see how Familyhood is a inter-generational governance strategy that defines the school as the center of the communities development. I see Familyhood is driven by two motto's 1) Every school shall have a functioning Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association and Alumni Association and 2) Every school shall have a garden, a farmers market and a grocery store.
What about the students who do not graduate? What about other people in the community who are not Alumni, Parents ? How do they fit into Familyhood's plan?
Ha! That's a great question I said.
Remember, when you think of a school's Familyhood, think of a school of fish. Not a school with walls and classrooms. Think of this school of fish in sequence swimming through the ocean, together. Which means, every fish is aware of where all the other fish are. To be in sequence with another in movement not only does one have to have the skill to get there, but also an awareness of where the others will be, in movement. This is why we are so fascinated with great alloy oop from Draymond to Winston or the football sideline catch from John Brodie to Gene Washington (yes, I'm old)...its movement, the beginning of the play, to the very end...sometimes determined by inches are while the buzzer sounds off...
so, as I kept rambling, another cat, stood up and said, "can you answer the question? I said, " I was getting to the question. Will you sit yo a.. down. You made me forget what I was going to say...Yes, be like the fish in the ocean. The ocean stays open 24 hours. Keep the schools open 24 hours. Within 5 years a school can recruit enough Alumni, Parents and Student leaders to work shifts to administer the school. Plus, we have a theft problem in our schools. Meaning, stuff comes up missing (computers, etc) when the lights turn off. we don't start off with it being 24 /7 , but its a goal. We extend the hours in accordance to what is needed to serve the school. When i say we, I mean The Schools Familyhood. The Familyhood may administer a few classrooms say at 7:00 p.m. each night for students to make up credits to graduate etc. Why do schools close at 3:30 p.m. or 5:30 for after school? They possess so many amenities needed by the children and the community as a whole...
That's when the cat in the back stood up again. "can you answer the second part of my question? What about the other people? who are not Alumni...
Excuse me sir, I said," I was going to get to that part..that's my favorite part. Its called Friends of School. Everybody else joins the school's "Friends of School." The main role of Friends of School is to promote and preserve the school's Familyhood. Friends of School members could be non-profits, community leaders, etc.
The cat in the back stood up again and said, so Familyhood actually promotes four main organizations, not just three."
I said, that is correct. Its more like 3 +1 = 4.
3 represents the vital organizations that represent people. For example, Student Government should represent all the students. The Parent Teacher Association should represent all the Parents. And the Alumni Association should represent all the Alumni. I call these vital organs to add the analogy of the human body. A healthy human body needs healthy vital organs (heart, lungs, etc). A school needs a healthy Student Government Association, Parent, etc) -vital organizations.)
As in the real world. A good friend will want the best for you. They would want you to be as healthy and independent as you could be. Not control you. Many non-profit organizations get caught up in their mission and/or growing their organization, sometimes unintentional to serve the people, instead of building the people to serve themselves.
Familyhood is democracy hands-on training in the school  for four years as a student and  Alumni, community engagement for the rest of ones life. If one were to graduate high school at 18. From the ages of 14 -18 they were Student Government. if they live to 100. They were 82 years Alumni.
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