Book reading of "From The People Up" - written by David N. Roach

David Roach, Author of "From The People Up" will read from of his E-Book "From The People Up" - followed by Q and A session from audience.

About this event


From the People Up - Familyhood outlines a systemic approach of community development that utilizes schools and their extended population as the center of the communities development.

Familyhood is not reliant upon funding to get started.

Once a school’s Familyhood grows in capacity, Familyhood has the power and influence to attract the necessary resources to grow the school-based enterprises to generate revenue to fund itself.

Familyhoood is an attempt to move away from the typical missionary / non -profit approach of community development being provided by an organization to serve the communities needs. Instead, Familyhood is an inter-generational approach of promoting governance from within the community to serve the needs of the school and it’s surrounding community.

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