Familyhood - A systemic approach of Governance and Community Development

Familyhood - is systemic approach of governance and Community Development
Familyhood is defined by David N. Roach, as a community development vision that defines schools as the center of the communities development.

The vision is for every school to create its own Familyhood and serve its Students/ Alumni for their entire life.

Familyhood’s vision of a school is similar to a school of fish. A school of fish travel together and work in unison to achieve whatever goal is best for the group. Familyhood seeks to capture all the intelligence of all its Students and Alumni. When the students graduate, they return as Alumni and help mentor the next group of Students. As a  community development vision, Familyhood defines its means of production as, “producing Alumni (meaning graduates who return to mentor). ” The more Alumni the school produces, the more the community will become developed, states, Mr. Roach.

What makes Familyhood different than a typical organization?
First of all, Familyhood is a collaboration of organizations that function as their own organization, while participating in the Familyhood, collective efforts. Familyhood views schools like a doctor views a human body. A doctor will say, in order to have a healthy mind and body, the body must have healthy organs, i.e., heart, liver, kidneys, brain, lungs. To have a healthy school, Familyhood believes schools need a functioning Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association and Alumni Association.  Once these organizations are functioning and in collaboration, the school is on its way of becoming a healthy, sustainable school and of service to its surrounding community.

Familyhood’s vision is a pipeline that connects the students, from Student Government Association, to their Alumni Association when they graduate. Once the student graduates and becomes an Alumni, they are declaring themselves as mentors for the schools Student Government Association they were once a part of as a student.

1st Saturdays, representing the 1st Saturday of every month, is the monthly volunteer / recruitment day geared to bringing together the schools 3 main organizations along with community partners ( also called Friends of the school).
Familyhood’s second motto is: “every school shall have a functioning garden, a farmers market and a grocery store.” These food related, school-based, start-up enterprises are hands-on, experiential learning activities for the students and mentoring/business training opportunities for the Parents, Alumni, Community Partners.

These enterprises are the responsibility of the schools Familyhood. As the school’s Familyhood grows, by recruiting new members to each organization, the Familyhood grows in capacity to plan and operate a school based grocery store and other ventures also decided by the schools Familyhood.

Familyhood believes schools, especially in under-served communities should never be closed. During the day, they can provide education for the children. In the evening, they can provide education for adults. schools contain classrooms full of computers with internet access, gymnasiums with all sorts of exercise equipment, theaters full of empty seats. With a good schedule of events and administrative support from the Familyhood, schools  can better serve the needs of its students and their surrounding community.

Familyhod is not a overnight, add water and stir solution to the many problems facing our schools and communities today. Familyhood’s steps and whereabouts (in relation to the vision realized) are evaluated and re-evaluated each and every month through 1st Saturdays.
Why is Familyhood Sustainable and a systemic approach?
Because Familyhood believes in governance and gives these school- based organizations roles and responsibilities that out live ” the individuals”, Who are the individuals?.  Typically, schools have a few students, a few parents , a few community partners, who rise above the rest. Most of these parents have children attending the school. When the parents child graduates, most of these parents leave along with their child. Many Principals will organize a school site committee, consisting of a few students, parents, community leaders to assist their efforts in allocating funds, etc. While, its good to have these few individuals input, rarely do these individuals represent anyone. And, once again, when that student graduates, that student, “the individual” will have to be replaced.

Familyhood recommends these “school site committees”, consist of members of the schools 3 main school based organizations: the Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association and Alumni Association. So, that when the Principal presents a document for their review,  each committee member should share the details to the organization they represent. This additional input from Students, Parents, Alumni, increases the chances of success for what the school is budgeting. When that Parent or Student leaves, as mentioned above, the  Principal selects another member from of the 3 organizations to keep the continuity of these school based organizations being involved in the affairs of the school.
The continuity of these organizations training new students, parents and alumni is what constructs the pipeline Familyhood seeks to build that eventually spills over into benefiting the schools surrounding community. As more and more adults join the Alumni Association to not only mentor but to take additional adult classes, etc, offered at the school, more and more, the school’s day to day function goes beyond its present day of serving the children, but serving the needs of its entire community as well, for life. At this point, or the point when the needs of the community are met by the school, the vision Familyhood is attained.

Save the date: March 20th, 20121 for The Familyhood Summit
Presented by David N. Roach
Founder of The Familyhood Connection Inc.

Join the Familyhood Movement!

Familyhood is a Inter-generational community plan that utilizes schools as the center of the communities development. The more Alumni the school produces (meaning graduates who return to mentor) the more the community becomes developed.

Familyhood utilizes its free labor to plan and operate these school- based enterprises to turn a profit to reinvest into growing further into generating wealth for the students and their surrounding community.

A major part of Familyhood is that it is a business plan for three start-up businesses:  The school garden, the school’s farmers market and eventually, the school’s  grocery store.

How does this work?

We are seeking schools to commit for one year - this means every 1st Saturday of the month, the school focuses on recruiting new members to each of its three main organizations. They share updates from each organization and identify of ways to collaborate.
After a year of Familyhood, apply for start -up funds for your school based enterprises - The garden, the farmers market and the grocery store.
We believe these enterprises can be profitable for generations to come and want to help support!

If you are a Student, a Parent, a Alumni, any concerned citizen, interested in Familyhood, meaning wanting to start in your community, join Familyhood here. Also, save the date for March 20th and register for The Familyhood Summit here.
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