Is Familyhod a systemic approach to developing community from the people up?

Let me hear from you.
The Topic #Familyhood & #1stSaturdays -the monthly volunteer / recruitment day at schools. Is #Familyhood a systemic approach of developing community from the people up? I argue, it is.
#Familyhood defines schools as the center of the communities development and categorizes all its inter-generational population (students, parents, grand parents, teachers, community partners into four organizations of governance, promoted to collaboration. This collaboration is called Familyhood.
Familyhood's vision is to serve the student for their entire life.
Familyhood promotes students to enter the pipeline by participating in their Student Government Association with a vision of graduating and joining the Alumni Association.
Producing Alumni (graduates who return to serve)  is the means of production of Familyhood's community development success.  In theory, "the more Alumni the schools produce, the more those communities will be developed. " The pipeline is like a track relay team. The baton is passed to the student early in education to participate in Student Government Association and later the Alumni Association.
School's possess so many resources often not available when they close up each day around 3:00 p.m. (5:30 p.m. for after -school programs).  For many communities, schools are the only place to gain access to a gym, an exercise room, a swimming pool, a tennis court, a computer lab, a classroom, a movie theater. Familyhoods vision is to administer the above attributes of schools to be open 24/7. 
Familyhood promotes the former student to gain adult rights and privileges when becoming an Alumni at the school.
The right to share their voice as an Alumni Association member. The right to continue learning at the school ( Familyhood promotes day classes for young people and night classes for adults). The right to mentor the next generation. The privilege to continue having access to the school, as an Alumni.
Systemic, dos not mean for everybody. There will be some students who refuse to join their school's Student Government Association. As there will be some parents who refuse to be apart of the Parent Teacher Association. As there will be some graduates who refuse to be in the Alumni Association.
If we promote our Student Government's as we do our school athletes, we would have no problem recruiting students to join and participate. If we allocate budgets to go directly to them to provide for their student body and  empower them to serve their constituents.
This power would make governance cool.Yes, its cool to be smart. It's cool to discuss with my peers, how we can improve our school and our community. Its also cool to have the eyes and ears and hearts of the Alumni Association paying attention and ready to serve.

1st Saturdays, representing the first Saturday of every month to meet at the school and volunteer, is the cultural thread that ties Familyhood's systemic approach all together.
Each month, through 1st Saturdays, the school's Familyhood (students, parents, alumni, community members) evaluate where they are and where they are going.
Familyhood's two motto's help guide its journey. 1) "every school shall have a functioining Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association and Alumni Association." 2) "every school shall have a garden, a farmers market and a grocery store."

Your thoughts on #Familyhood?
I wrote a E-book to describe it further.

To promote Familyhood I am running for President!


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