The Pipeline of Governance From the People Up is Familyhood

If we truly believe in democracy, then why don't we teach it? if we truly believe in the power of the people or strength in numbers as we say here in Oakland, CA - The Golden State Warriors, then why do we teach our children in isolation?
When I say "we" I am saying, generally speaking. Yes, there are some students, because of the school they attend, within the community they live, being taught how to govern, how to lead or amplify their voices through societies general democratic constructs. For these youth, a seed is planted in their minds early their participation is important for a better tomorrow. For the youth without governance, the seed is planted to wait for others to define their destiny.

When these children without governance grow to adulthood, their minds have been chained to respond to changes in the community as "what are they doing" instead of leading the charge of what needs to be done. Add to this dilemma, the conditioning of 400 years of slavery, 100 years of Jim Crow / Black Codes, which made it clear that America's democracy, "we the people" was not intended for the full participation of African people in America.

Especially under-served communities should make sure all its children, as early as possible, are practicing their civic duties to empower their school and its surrounding community through their school's Student Government Association. 

I wrote the E-book - From the People Up - Familyhood and its "do now" strategy 1st Saturdays," to share a vision that extends the role of the school to not only serve its students for the four years that students attends the school,  but rather for the students entire life.

When one thinks of a school, Familyhoods vision is not a building with walls and classrooms. Familyhood';s vision is more like how one would envision a school of fish who move in sequence in our oceans. To be in their sequential order, each fish must know where they are going, when to turn left, right, the right speed, etc, even obstacles along the way, rocks, bigger fish that see them as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I mention some of the difficulty schools of fish overcome everyday during their daily travels to shed some light on how intelligent each fish must be. Because, not only does the fish have to know all that I mentioned above, the fish has to know what each and every other fish is doing, while it performs its own task. Because, to be in sequence with another fish, the fish must know what the other fish are doing. I am being a little long -winded with this school of fish analogy to illustrate a picture of a school I want you to see when the word Familyhood appears.

See the school as a school of fish. Replace the word fish with people. The people consists of Students, Parents, Alumni and even others who did not graduate for various reasons, but want a chance to receive their diploma, etc. Like the fish, don't just see these people as functioning in isolation. Like the fish, each person must know what each person is doing to best know how to be in sequence with each other. 

Familyhood attempts to not direct each fish or person to the task at hand, but rather directs them to receive the needed instructions or training from one of the schools four main organizations.  In short, Familyhood says, all Students, go to your student government association for instructions. All parents receive your instructions from the Parent Teacher Association. All Alumni receive your instructions or training from the Alumni Association. If you are a community partner, or neither a parent, a student, or teacher,  then join/support the schools "Friends of School."

To keep in sequence of each other, Familyhood promotes the 1st Saturday of each month as the official monthly volunteer/recruitment day at the school. Additionally, 1st Saturdays is a once a month check in for each organization to share their updates and learn of the efforts of the other membership organizations mentioned above. Like the fish being in sequence with each other, 1st Saturdays promotes each organization to share updates and learn more about what each organization is doing.

With this vision of what a school is, Familyhood recommends schools to expand their role as I said earlier, not to just serve the student for four years, but to serve the student for their entire life. To illustrate, lets take John Doe. He attends Fredrick Douglass High School. At the age of 18 he graduates from Fredrick Douglass High School. John Doe goes on to live another 82 years (He dies at the age of 100). The goal of the school, as if relates to John Doe, should have been, we will serve John Doe for four years as a student, when John Doe graduates, recruit John Doe into the Alumni Association, John Doe will serve in the Alumni Association for the rest of is life.  Therefore, from the illustration above, Familyhood promotes schools to not only serve students for their four years as students, but to produce Alumni who will support the school for decades.

Like any other business, if you want return customers, you must give your customers a good, quality experience to make them want to return. In relation  to Familyhood, the school's strategy to produce as many Alumni as possible is to create a governance pipeline that directs all students to enter this pipeline by joining the schools Student Government Association, as mentioned above. Once they are securely in this pipeline, they will receive support/mentorship from parents, teachers, alumni and community partners through the schools Parent Teacher Association, Alumni Association and Friends of School. Together, they work together to push the student through this pipeline from Student Government Association to the Alumni Association. Which means, the student is more than a graduate of the school. But an Alumni of the school, willing to return to support the next generation of student leaders, while empowering other Alumni through their association to protect and serve their school and its community.

In closing, as long as these organizations are functioning and meeting every 1st Saturday of the month to share updates and improve the garden, etc, a cultural, inter-generational tie is formed that connects the young to the old and the school to its surrounding community.  This last point, of creating this "inter-generational tie" is why I call Familyhood a "systemic approach of developing community From The People Up. To learn more: purchase my E-Book: From The People Up. On sale now for $3.00.

Lastly, join us on March 20th, 2021 for a virtual Familyhood Summit (see flyer attached)

Lastly, lastly, thank you for joining me today!
May peace be with you!

David N. Roach


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